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179 Ways Our Realtors Transforms

Your Home Journey

Prior to Putting a Home on the Market

  1. Make appointment with seller for listing presentation

  2. Send seller a written or e-mail confirmation of listing appointment and call to confirm.

  3. Review pre-appointment questions

  4. Research all comparable currently listed properties

  5. Research sales activity from Local MLS Broker Marketplaces and public records databases

  6. Research Average Days on Market for property of this type, price range, and location

  7. Download and review property tax roll/assessor information

  8. Prepare preliminary Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to establish fair market value

  9. Obtain copy of subdivision plat/ complex lay-out

  10. Research property's ownership and deed type

  11. Research property's public record information for lot size & dimensions

  12. Research and verify legal description

  13. Research property's land use coding and deed restrictions

  14. Research property's current use and zoning

  15. Verify legal names of owner(s) in county's public property records

  16. Prepare listing presentation package with above materials

  17. Perform exterior Curb Appeal Assessment of subject property

  18. Compile a formal file on property

  19. Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on market value

  20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure all steps & actions are completed

  21. Review Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA)Report from Township for all permitted records

  22. Add client into your database

Property Listing Consultation

At a property listing consultation, a real estate agent will typically begin by discussing the specific goals and timelines you have for selling your property. 





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